Greenland Lichens (af Eric Steen Hansen)

Greenland Lichens (af Eric Steen Hansen)

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This lichen flora deals with 300 Greenland species, all of which are described in detail and illustrated in colour.

The handbook also gives information on ecology, distribution and practical use of the lichens.

Contents: Ecology and plant communities (Lichens on bark and wood, Lichens in desert and steppe, Lichens in fell-fields, Lichens in dwarf shrub heaths, Lichens in snow-patch vegetation, Lichens on rocks and stones) - Distribution types - Practical use of lichens (Lichens as human and animal food, Medical use of lichens, Lichens as dye plants, Dating with lichens, Lichens as heavy metal and pollution indicators) - Collection, identification and conservation of lichens - Species descriptions, with colour photographs (Macrolichens (fruticose and foliose lichens), Microlichens (crustose lichens) and a few lichenicolous fungi) - Literature - Glossary - Index - Scientific names of species.


Softcover, format: ca. 14 x 21 cm. 1995. 124 pages with 300 colour illustrations (165 macrolichens, 135 microlichens).


The author Eric Steen Hansen is curator of lichens at the Botanical Museum, University of Copenhagen.

All photographs by Jørgen Andersen, Photographer at the Botanical Museum.