Zackenberg - an Arctic Pearl (af Thomas Bjørneboe Berg)

Zackenberg - an Arctic Pearl (af Thomas Bjørneboe Berg)

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Dette er den engelske udgave - bogen findes også på dansk: "Zackenberg - en arktisk perle i den nordøstgrønlandske nationalpark".


A thousand kilometres south of Greenland's northernmost coastal stretch lies the last great Arctic tundra. A last stop before the great northern expanses is transformed into Arctic desert. Zackenberg is the the name of this Arctic pearl, and in 1992 this area was selected as the ideal place for a High Arctic scientific field station. The Danish Polar Center's major research effort here is a succes, and there is great interest in becoming part of the research that is trying from all conceivable scientific angles to shed light on the dynamics of an Arctic ecosystem.


Thomas B. Berg's research background is wildlife biology. His dedicated work consists of monitoring the land mammals - from lemmings to musk-oxen. The many tasks of the summer takes him far and wide in the landscape, from the ice-filled mouth of Young Sound along the wet grass meadows to the unyielding, windswept boulder foelds of the inland area.


In this book Thomas B. Berg is generously sharing his unique experiences from the summer stays at Zackenberg. His vivid descriptions and outstanding photographies takes us on an unforgetable journey to this Arctic pearl.


Hardcover with dust jacket. Large format, ca. 29,5 x 24,5 cm. 2008. The book contains 232 pages, 162 illustrations (including 3 maps) of which 128 are in colour.

The front cover shows two playful cubs of the Arctic fox, the back shows a flowering valley in July.


Thomas Bjørneboe Berg is senior researcher at the museum Naturama in Svendborg, and he is editor of "Naturlommekalenderen".