Scandinavian Journal of Design History, vol. 11

Scandinavian Journal of Design History, vol. 11

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No. 11 of 15 volumes in the publication series "Scandinavian Journal of Design History" (ed. Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen).

170 pages, soft cover with flaps, 92 illustrations, 208 x 270 mm (2001)



Editorial: p. 5-6

Rhetoric and action - Design policies in Finland at the beginning of the third Millennia (by Pekka Korvenmaa), p. 7-15

Has design history anything to do with art history? (by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen), p. 16-21

Three theories of quality (by Magnus Rönn), p. 22-31

Design as Gesamtkunstwerk - Historical transformations of a vision from Wagner and Morris to Verner Panton (by Anders V. Munch), p. 32-59

"The gothic service" - and the introduction of Service à la Russe in Scandinavia (by Widar Halén), p. 60-73

"Bygge och bo" - The building and home exhibitions, forerunner to the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition (by Maria Perers), p. 74-97

A matter of taste - Cubist printed furnishing fabrics from the 1950s. A subjective and aesthetic perspective (by Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen), p. 98-119

Constructivism and children's books in Soviet avant-garde propaganda art (by Tatiana Saarinen), p. 120-137

Trumping trompe-l'oeil (by Reese Palley), p. 138-139

Book reviews, p. 140-168


Cover illustration: a comparison between the genuine "the Chair" by H. J. Wegner (to the right) and its unauthorised copy (to the left).

(Trumping trompe-l'oeil (by Reese Palley), p. 138-139)