Makonde (af Jesper Kirknæs & Jørn Korn)

Makonde (af Jesper Kirknæs & Jørn Korn)

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Engelsk udgave/ English edition


This book gives an introduction to the Makonde people - from the northern Mozambique and the southern Tanzania - and their art. In the shetani style the woodcarvers use the people's myths about the strange creatures in the African fauna, the shetanis. Besides the fascinating and beautiful sculptures the book also contains stories that the artist told about the shetanis.


The book contains: The Makonde (by Jesper Kirknæs) - Sculpture - tradition and innovation (by Jesper Kirknæs) - Makonde sculpture (by Jørn Korn) - A presentation of five artists: Rashidi bin Mohamed, Kashimiri Matayo, Yoseph Francis, Nafasi Mpagua and Hossein Anangangola - Literature.


Softcover with flaps. Large format, ca. 23 x 32 cm. 1999. The book contains 156 pages and 180 illustrations.

The front page shows two Nabwamwa shetanis, and a man-like Ngwile by the woodcarver Nafasi Mpagua.


About the authors:

Jesper Kirknæs is a social anthropologist and photographer. he has worked with development assistance and research in East Africa since his first posting to the University of Dar es Salaam in 1968. Since then he has feautured in several publications on cultural and social conditions in Tanzania.


Jørn Korn was a doctor and expert in social medicine. As an adviser in the primary health service for international development organizations he lived for more than ten years in East Africa and has later often visited Tanzania and other African countries.